Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Craft: Paper Cup Crow

With Thanksgiving just a few days away I thought I would share this great craft idea with you! These Paper Cup Crows make great decorations for the "kids table" on Thanksgiving. They are not only fun to make but they are also very easy!


2 small paper cups - bathroom size
2 cotton balls
2 medium wiggle eyes
1 red button-or autumn colored
small piece of orange craft foam                 
small piece of orange construction paper 
Acrylic craft paint: black and goldenrod 
 white craft glue
Cover table with newspaper, a plastic tablecloth or even an old shower curtain.

Gather your supplies and have them all within arm's reach. Cover kids clothes with a smock or old t-shirt.

Now you are ready to begin making your plastic cup crows...

Paint one of the cups black and the other with goldenrod. Set cups aside to dry.

Cut a triangle from the orange craft foam for the beak.

Cut a heart shape for the feet from orange construction paper.

When paint is dry, use scissors to cut thin slits (fringes) halfway up the goldenrod cup, going all the way around. Bend the "fringes" upward to form the hat.

Turn the hat over and put 2 cotton balls inside the cup. Glue hat to the bottom end of the black painted cup. Let dry.

Glue 2 wiggle eyes and beak on to the cup under the hat.

Glue the red button to the front side of the hat.

Glue the heart feet to the opening of the black cup, bend the construction paper up into the sides of the cup so that just the "feet" stick out.

This craft was reprinted courtesy of Amanda Formaro of


  1. really cute

    dont have any of those things

    but really cute

  2. We have a little black crow project we completed withOUT the cute little hat. Still they were sweet. Come see at
    We used black cups for the kids skipping the painting made this project mess level manageable!


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