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I absolutely LOVE doing Product Reviews and Giveaways for all different types of companies and new products.

What you will receive:
• A PERSONAL product review. I am not one to just write 2 sentences then use the rest of the info from the company’s website. I write completely honest opinions. If I don't like your product I won't review it on my blog and I will let you know!
• Timing: I will complete the Product Review with in 1-2  weeks of receiving the product (in some cases before 1 week).
• Pictures: I will sometimes add personal pictures of the products I review.
• Satisfaction: I will send you a link once the Review is published. If there is anything that you would like me to change or fix regarding the review, just let me know!


          Giveaways are an awesome way to receive an additional amount of traffic with possible buyers. The     giveaways will go hand in hand with the Product Review. All Giveaways will be featured for 14 days unless specified differently from the company themselves.
Entries for the Giveaways will include a Mandatory Visit to your company/product website. Plus to sign up/join/follow other aspects such as your Facebook, Twitter, Etsy or any site that you are affiliated with.
Winners will be chosen on the day set, and will be selected with They will be notified via email of winning, and then they will have 48 hours to respond.

 If you are interested
 Email me at: katiecan86(at)yahoo(dot)com

Find me on:
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