Monday, December 6, 2010


I sometimes feel a little bit strange staying at home while my fiance works. I mean sure...he gives and buys me whatever I want but somehow I just don't feel right. Do any of you stay at home women feel that way? We work around the house,cook, and blog(at least I do :). Do the men in our lives actually know how much we do on an everyday basis?  Just a thought. A question.


  1. Hey there! Im Andria and I'm your newest follower from the Say Hi Sun blog hop! This post expresses how so many women feel. There are some men who feel very accomplished that they can work and let their women stay home. Maybe ask him how he feels about it. If you'd like to check out my blog it's called Lipstick & Lullabies - I Would love for you to be my newest follower :) We are also TTC our 2nd child so come along for the journey!

  2. I have had to be a stay at home mom for over 10 years now. It was a hard adjustment since I came from corporate life before hand....and my child was half raised at this point. I struggled with my self worth. I struggled with my lack of available cash. I struggled with my great amounts of time.
    But I eventually learned I can give all of myself here too. And it makes a difference when I do. So ok, I stay home....I cook, clean, care for and organize the lives of all the others here. And you know what...they are less stressed for it now.

  3. I'm a stay at home too but I have two step children and a crippled downs syndrome brother in law to take care of so I don't feel like my husband doesn't know what I do all day. Though he is a little jealous of my blog. But I do understand how you feel about money. I get almost everything that I want but I would like the freedom of having my own money and it does feel a little strange staying home as my husband goes to work everyday.

  4. To Lynette:
    I agree with you! I believe that if I wasn't doing what I do he would be WAY more stressed out! I just hate having to ask for everything.

    To Danielle:
    Lol. That's funny I think mine is a little jealous of my blog too. :) It's like...can you buy me this? We need that. ect. ect.

  5. In September, I got married and moved from the huge metropolitan area where I had spent my entire life beforehand, had a job and family... I moved my entire life to a tiny town in the north of the state. My husband has a very good job and he has no trouble providing us the best of everything. I went from the high-stress lifestyle of carpooling and working the 9-to-5 and hitting the gym in my "spare time", to cooking, cleaning, crafting, working out, and spending time on the Internet. A lot of the time, I feel incredibly useless staying at home while my husband works shifts that would make a less-disciplined man beg to be fired. He keeps telling me how much he appreciates everything I do -- but I still feel worthless, useless, like I make no contribution in life other than to make my husband happy.

    I was just floored when I saw Katie's initial comment and all the others that seem to echo my sentiments. I guess I'm not alone in feeling this way.

  6. Erin:
    You are definitely not alone :). We should create a group or maybe even a certain day to get together and talk about such things.


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