Saturday, October 23, 2010

Crafts On a Dime: Autumn Leaf Wreath

Leaf Wreath
~This is a little bit sideways sorry! Obviously the bow goes on the bottom~
I found this awesome money saving craft on Crafts For All Seasons. I really love that site so I thought I would feature one of my favorite Autumn crafts from there! This is an A+ Craft to do with Children! Gets you out of the  house a bit to pick the pretty leaves!

Items that you Need:
  • Fresh Fall Leaves...the more colors you find the greater the design!
  • Paper plate (preferably white, but any in autumn colors would look great too!)
  • Scissors 
  • Ribbon in your choice of color
  • Glue (any kind is ok...just not the stick)
Go for a walk and collect 20-25 freshly fallen colorful leaves. These ones will be the easiest to glue on.

Cut the middle out from a paper plate.  Fold the plate in half to get the cut started in the middle, then cut along the rim to make about a 2 inch paperplate border (young kids may need help with this part).

Continue building the wreath by gluing each leaf to the paper plate.  Slightly overlap each leaf.  For this leaf craft,have each leaf point in the same direction, with the stems pointing inward.


                                                  Clip the Stem From Each Leaf.

Tie a nice bow with the ribbon of your choice 
and Glue it on the wreath!

And you are Finished!
Did you like this craft?
Leave me your comments! :)

Thanks again to Crafts For All Seasons! 



  1. pretty....send me some leaves? LOL Texas here and we are still having 80 degree weather most days. Finally have some rain...but then it will go back to warm tomorrow.

  2. Hi ya Katie Thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a follower. This is a fantastic idea I must give it a whirl myself.
    Good luck in my candy giveaway

  3. I found out about your blog through Giveaway Blogs and loved this idea.... I've seen some other fall wreaths but this is truly one of a kind and I adore the colors... Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing more of your posts!


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